Hair cell test for horses

As the only ones in Denmark, we have become distributors of Cell Wellbeing for horses. It's a system where, by analyzing saliva and a hair cell sample from the horse, we can precisely determine which minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants the horse needs.

At the same time, the hair cell test can also show whether the horse is burdened by toxins from, for example, metals, chemicals, radiation, or viruses/bacteria.

1. Test: 1775,- DKK

2. Test: 1775,- DKK Follow-up after 3-6 months.

NB: All prices include VAT, a comprehensive nutritional report of 31 pages, guidance, supplement recommendations and dietary plan.
Excludes travel expenses.

S-Drive - FDA-approved

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Cell Wellbeing

Is your horse's health imbalanced?

Are you unsure if your horse is suffering from poor well-being?
There are several signs that your horse may be suffering from nutritional deficiencies or environmental imbalances, including:

• Changes in appetite or weight
• Dull, dry, or flaky coat
• Lethargy or lack of energy
• Digestive issues
• Skin irritations or allergies
• Behavioural changes such as aggression or anxiety

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About the Nutrition Report

Nutrition Report

The test will show you if the body has suffered damage in the following areas, and if those areas need to be brought back into balance for optimal health:

•    Digestion
•    Heart/Circulatory system
•    The Musculoskeletal system
•    The Nervous system
•    The Hormonal System

Living hair cells from the neck, mane, or fur are pulled out and scanned within approximately 3 minutes.

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Tablet med en rapport i displayet

After approximately, two days, you will receive a 30-page report along with a summary during a phone consultation that will tell you what you can optimize in terms of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants for both yourself and your animals. Additionally, it will also indicate what you, your animal, or animals should possibly avoid in their diet or feed for the next 90 days – essentially, how to optimize the body as quickly and effectively as possible.

Along with the nutrition report, you will receive ideas and tips tailored to your specific needs.

CELLATEST utilizes two scanners, one for humans and another for animals. The animal scanner comes equipped with an additional feature, as the tracking unit also includes saliva sampling. This is because animals cannot express their condition, which is why Cell Wellbeing has developed this addition as a supportive indicator unit.

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Haircelltest for your Horse

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