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About cell wellbeing

Cell Wellbeing

At CELLA TEST, we believe that preventive health is the path to a long and fulfilling life in balance. The body's nature consists of fundamental functions that require a conscious lifestyle if one wants to get the most out of life. The body is both super complex and super simple at the same time. It is equipped with functions that can send us many signals as signs of its distress. The problem is that we can't always see the damage until it's done. This is due in part to our way of living in the modern society, which is moving away from the fundamental way of life.

Epigenetiske Indikatorer illustration
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About Epigenetics

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics refers to the study of heritable changes in an organism's gene activity that do not involve changes in the genetic code itself, but rather modifications to the structure of DNA or the proteins that interact with it. These changes can be influenced by various factors such as the environment, lifestyle, and behaviour, and can also be inherited, impacting an organism's development, health, and behaviour.

An organism's DNA contains all the information needed to build its body. DNA is a string of data with different combinations of various chemical components. The formation of this data information occurs inside the cell nucleus.

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Typically only takes 15 minutes before we have your results.
The test provides you with accurate results for the best overview.


The process is simple and safe, requiring only a single hair sample.
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About the Nutrition Report

Nutrition Report

The test will show you if the body has suffered damage in the following areas, and if those areas need to be brought back into balance for optimal health:

•     Digestion
•    Heart/Circulatory system
•     The Musculoskeletal system
•     The Nervous system
•     The Hormonal System

Living hair cells from the neck, mane, or fur are pulled out and scanned within approximately 3 minutes.

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